Workshop News : Heraldic carving

  • Charterhouse Coat of Arms

    Coat of Arms for Charterhouse

    This photo shows one of my most recent projects: a coat of arms to mark Charterhouse’s Quater Centenary. It was carved using 12 pieces of stone and measures about 1600mm wide. It is installed over an arch about 5 meters high, so needed to be bold and deeply carved; the relief is 6” high in some places.

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  • Holywell Music Room Stone Carving

    Holywell Music Room Stone Carving

    In December last year we were asked to submit a stone carving design for the stone plaque above the proposed new doorway of the Holywell Music Room in Oxford. The Holywell Music Room is one of the oldest purposely designed music halls in Europe. It was designed by Thomas Camplin, and opened in July 1748. George Frideric Handel performed here.

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  • Buscot Park Commemorative Plaque

    The Faringdon plaque is a commemorative piece of work which was placed in the handsome grounds of Buscot Park in Oxfordshire in December 2008. Below I have illustrated the various stages of work, from the initial carving of the sunken middle through to the finished peice

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