Buscot Park Obelisk Sundial

Posted 23/07/13 in Workshop life

This winter I was asked to carve and build an obelisk sundial for Buscot Park to celebrate the diamond jubilee of HM The Queen. But this was no ordinary Egyptian copy. For a start it has 6 sides rather than 4 and its main function is to hold a vertical sundial. The concept for the obelisk was thought up by the sundial expert and designer Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd. The obelisk sundial sits at the end of a long avenue of trees at Buscot Park, Oxfordshire.

obelisk sundial at Buscot Park

The main structure is made from Portland stone and the dial faces are Cumbrian green slate. The noduses are Gold-plated bronze.

One of the most interesting parts was the research for the hieroglyphs. On each face there is a word, morning, noon, afternoon , queen, Elizabeth and eternity. I had an amazing day at the British museum with Egyptologist Dr Wendy Monkhouse, who introduced me to the order, spacing and other complexities of hieroglyphs.

obelisk side panel

A close up of one of the side panels.

gilding the side panels

This is a photograph of my assistant James gilding one of the panels.

sundials architectural