Fixing the sundial into position

Posted 29/03/14 in Workshop life

sundial by stoneletters

The sundial was fixed into position yesterday. The Welsh wind was bracing; the sun hidden. The dial which is 1200mm tall is carved from Welsh slate. The carving is gilded with gold and platinum. The gnomon is gold-plated phosphor bronze. It is accurate to the minute.

The surrounding hills do not interfere with the sun, but create a setting in which mans obsession with time is celebrated. To quote Sir Mark Lennox Boyd, designer of the dial, "The greatest sundial of all is the earth. The story of the sundial is the story of mankind's understanding of the movements of the earth around the sun".

The reason I enjoy making sundials, is because there are rules to be followed... it has to be right otherwise it's meaningless. The same applies to lettering and heraldry. Ask me to make a piece of art that is pure self-expression or abstract and I will be lost. To me, form follows function.

sundial in position