We make the finest hand-carved Gravestones, Headstones, Memorials, Opening Plaques and Heraldry


We were established over 10 years ago by Fergus Wessel, one of the UK’s leading letter cutters. Clients include The Royal Albert Hall, Oxford University & Alan Titchmarsh. Based near Oxford, just over an hour from London, our headstones and plaques can be found all over the country.

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Fergus carves with power and elegance. His work is forward looking but firmly rooted in traditional practice.

Loyd Grossman, OBE, FSA

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Headstone Epitaphs- 150 beautiful examples

Posted 13/10/14

History of Epitaphs

An epitaph is a commemorative inscription or quote on a headstone or memorial. The word epitaph comes via Latin from the Greek epitaphion which means "over a tomb".  The epitaph has been used by humans for…

headstone epitaphs