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children's headstone design

Children's Headstones


Unique, hand-carved children's headstones

Our headstones for children and babies are all individually commissioned by you. We do not have any rules or restrictions on the design or choice of stone, and this allows us to create a memorial for your child that captures their unique spirit. This is our ultimate aim.

Unique, hand-carved children's headstones

Childrens headstone
Offering gentle guidance and support

What makes our headstones special?

Parents always tell us how relieved they are to have found Fergus. Our beautiful headstones speak for themselves, but they especially value Fergus’s guidance and expertise, and his gentle manner. You will feel in good, safe hands.

hand carved gravestone
Where to start

Visiting us

Sometimes a visit to the workshop is the best place to begin, even before any thoughts have been established. It is best to come to the workshop with an open mind and look and talk about the other works progressing in the workshop. Many parents who have lost a child approach us at a very early stage. This has benefits; for example, it gives us time to consider all the options. The initial meeting is fundamental as not only does it give you time to meet Fergus and see the work, it is an ideal opportunity for us to offer advice.

As a parent, having the sense that a headstone has been created especially and totally for the child that you've lost, meant such a lot to us.

Tim and Fiona Spargo-Mabbs
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Epitaph child

Taking your time

Decisions should never be rushed. The more time you give yourself, the stronger and more uplifting the inscription will be. When you have just lost a child, there may be no words, but as time moves on, sometimes the wording becomes clear to you, and will celebrate the life rather than being a marker of your suffering. This is important as many parents will be ashamed of the time it takes to erect a headstone, but the time they give themselves can be beneficial.

Headstone Frequently Asked Questions

What do your headstones cost?

Each headstone we design, carve and install is unique and because of this, we do not have a list of headstone prices. Variables such as size and material used, the length and complexity of the inscription, and the distance we need to transport it all factor into the cost.

A Stoneletters headstone starts at around £6000 + VAT and will usually include the installation. After a brief discussion of your requirements, I will be able to give an indication of costs, either over the phone or in an email.

How long will it take to commission a headstone?

Our children's headstones are special, and as we are a small workshop making headstones by hand, things can take time and we always have a waiting list. Many clients are happy to wait, knowing the project is in good hands. The time also allows reflection of design and changes of mind. It is a journey after all. Furthermore, the longer one leaves the grave to settle the better. Too many people are rushed into making a headstone before they (and the ground) are ready.

Our current waiting list is two years from the point of order. This may change from month to month so please get in touch to find out more.

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Every member of our team strives for perfection, combining traditional tools and techniques with a fresh and open-minded approach. This is what makes us special.