Funeral Director Monthly- My life in a day

5th February 2014

​I was interviewed earlier this year by Funeral Director Monthly, the magazine of the National Association of Funeral Directors. This is the second time I have been interviewed by a publication aimed at the funeral profession, and I was grateful, as Funeral Directors are not always very supportive of independent letter cutters. I find myself campaigning for greater awareness of letter cutters, as most funeral directors prefer to work with large monumental masonry firms, and show little interest in my craft. This leaves many bereaved families with little choice when it comes to choosing a headstone, unless they happen to search the internet for hand carved headstones, or hear of a letter cutter through word of mouth. I hope my blog posts will help to increase awareness of hand carved lettering in stone, as word of mouth is often most powerful. In the meantime if any funeral director should come across this article, I hope they will find it inspiring.

Here is an extract from the article, to read more you can see it below.

“The work I do is so specialised that you never really stop learning. Every piece of work allows me to express something different and I still love what I do every day”. “With standard headstones the inscription has to be fitted around the headstone and the letters are cut mechanically. With my craft the inscription comes first and the stone follows, this allows everything produced to be truly unique. These days individuality is important to clients and they want someone who really cares and who they can trust. There is something very special about hand-produced work that celebrates and commemorates a person’s life and, for families, being part of the process in such a hands on way is all part of the process.”

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