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Our New Book: Headstones - Advice & Inspiration

A wonderful resource for anyone seeking advice on choosing a headstone, the idea for this book came about after Hannah's mother died from cancer two years ago. Offering advice and inspiration on choosing a headstone, with over 150 photographs, client stories, and ideas for epitaphs, we believe this book will be invaluable to anyone wanting to create a perfect memorial for their loved one. See below for some sample pages.

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Buy the book for £12.99 (+ P & P) or download the PDF for £5.99

Headstones book

We are donating 100% of profits from the sale of the book to Maggie's Cancer Charity in Oxford.

Maggie’s is an incredible charity that has centers all over the UK, based at hospitals, where anyone affected by cancer can walk in and find a sanctuary and support, away from the clinical environment of the hospital.

Please select a delivery option to purchase the book online. Alternatively, please send a cheque payable to Stoneletters Ltd together with your details.

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