Portland Headstones - 7 unique designs

Posted 12/09/14 in The Headstone Guide

portland headstone with crest

Portland Headstones to inspire you. Portland limestone is a natural British material which improves with weathering. These headstones give you an idea of the versatility of the stone, although the lettering needs to be large enough to read without the need to paint it, and in time as it weathers the letters need to be cut deep and large enough to remain legible. Carving letters along the edge is very effective.

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Eric Gill and Pigotts

Posted 18/03/14 in Workshop life

Eric Gill

A wonderful afternoon spent visiting Pigotts, Eric Gill's former home: a fascinating place steeped in history. I trained under Lida Kindersley, who was married to David Kindersley. He in turn trained under Eric Gill, so my work owes much to Eric Gill's tradition.

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