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How much does a headstone cost in the UK?

Posted 05/01/21 in The Headstone Guide

How much does a headstone cost in the UK?

What do you charge for your headstones? How much does a headstone cost? While some clients do not want to talk about money when commissioning a headstone, for others cost is one of the first questions they ask. In this article, I explain how much you might pay for a headstone in the UK, and what factors affect the cost of a headstone.


Can you order a headstone online?

Posted 24/03/20 in The Headstone Guide

Unique slate headstone

Ordering a headstone online is not only possible but also far easier than you would imagine thanks to our new sourcebook of ideas and the use of the internet for exchanging photographs and ideas. You can still collaborate with Fergus in making a unique headstone.

Portland Headstones - 7 unique designs

Posted 12/09/14 in The Headstone Guide

portland headstone with crest

Portland Headstones to inspire you. Portland limestone is a natural British material which improves with weathering. These headstones give you an idea of the versatility of the stone, although the lettering needs to be large enough to read without the need to paint it, and in time as it weathers the letters need to be cut deep and large enough to remain legible. Carving letters along the edge is very effective.

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