Our clients include:

  • Arnold House School, St John’s Wood
  • Brasenose College, Oxford
  • Corinne Bailey Rae
  • Lord Butler of Brockwell
  • Charterhouse, Surrey
  • Cornbury Park, Charlbury
  • Ericsson
  • Loyd Grossman
  • Sir David John
  • Royal Commonwealth Society
  • St Edmund Hall, Oxford
  • Alan Titchmarsh
  • Trinity College, Oxford
  • Upper Latymer School, Hammersmith
  • The Royal Albert Hall
  • Buscot Park
  • Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd
  • Holywell Music Room, Oxford
  • British Antarctic Memorial Trust
  • The Earl of Wemyss & March
  • Arthington Park
  • New College, Oxford
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Jonnie Boden



Written by Fergus Wessel, this beautiful book fills a void in the available advice for when someone wants to choose a headstone and doesn’t know where to begin. Every penny goes to Maggie’s Cancer charity in Oxford.

5/5 stars SAIF (National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors), 8 October 2020

Good Funeral Gui

Stone carver Fergus Wessel and his wife Hannah from Stoneletters have just published a beautiful new book called Headstones – Advice and Inspiration.

The book is being sold to raise money for Maggie’s Centre, Oxford, and, in our opinion, it should be on the bookshelves of every funeral director in the country to lend to their clients. Choosing a headstone can be a difficult prospect, so hearing reassuring advice from experts written in plain English and being able to leaf through photographs for inspiration is something that many bereaved families will hugely appreciate.

5/5 stars Fran Hall, CEO The Good Funeral Guide, 8 October 2020


Headstones - Advice and Inspiration is full of the help and information anyone considering commissioning a special and individual headstone would need for ideas and making decisions. It also gives an understanding of the hand designing and hand carving process which achieves a unique headstone clearly explained in an encouraging and uplifting way, with lovely images.

5/5 stars Mary Carter-Campbell, Head of Commissioning, Memorials by Artists, 8 October 2020


When my partner died suddenly, commissioning his headstone felt like one of the most meaningful things I could ever do for him. It was hugely important to me that the headstone honoured him not only in the wording, but also in the beauty and simplicity of the design. After an exhaustive search, your workshop stood out for its technical expertise, exquisite lettering, and the gentle and humane approach you bring to such sensitive commissions. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed on any count. Thank you for your advice when I enquired into the various possibilities and options, your support and patience when I needed time to think things through, and for executing the final design so beautifully. I am so pleased with the final result - it is deeply gratifying to be able to give something beautiful to someone you love, to know that it is perfectly right, and to know that they, too, would approve.

5/5 stars MM, 14 July 2020


At a cemetery in Poulton there is now a beautiful hand carved headstone that stands out against the sea of 'laser cut' offerings. Elegant flowing letters created by Fergus, something only a true artisan can create, summarise my parents life perfectly. For those reading this at a difficult moment my advice would be; make time to create something that will stand the test of time - something that will lift the spirits of all who visit visit. Fergus is immensely talented and considerate - you will be well served by him.

5/5 stars Mark Swindells, 3 July 2020


My husband and I met at Art College where he was a lecturer in Furniture Design and I was a student. Throughout our married life we both shared a love of art and design and a common interest in crafts and personal making.
He was a great craftsman, designer, with very precise attention to detail and finish. He passed on his knowledge to, and inspired, many generations of his .students.
He had operations for brain tumours, which affected his sight, and finally, he was registered blind. He showed great courage but was frustrated to lose his ability to 'make'.
My children and I felt the last thing we could do for him was to have a personal handcrafted memorial reflecting his life. I studied the work of 'Memorials by Artists' and finally decided to visit Fergus at 'Stoneletters Studio'. I was a bit apprehensive, taking pictures of my husband's work and some ideas.
What a healing meeting that was. Fergus understood my feelings and listened patiently while I talked of my husband. We discussed the letterform, wording and quotation etc. I felt so much better when I left.
After I received the design of the layout including a carved roundel of oak leaves (oak was my husband's favourite wood) I went to the Studio to see the design drawn on the slate memorial. Another special meeting.
Some months later I met up with Fergus and his Assistant in the little Yorkshire Dales churchyard to see the stone erected. I wanted to be there and it was a happy occasion to see such a beautiful stone erected as a fitting tribute to my husband. He would have been so pleased with his memorial and the care and thought we took in creating it.

5/5 stars Janet Warner, 16 June 2020


Thank you so much for your skill, patience and support over the past few years whilst we agonised over finding the right words for David’s headstone.

We were always confident (from our very first meeting) in your ability to guide us in finding the right slate, and that the carving would be fitting – and now the resultant finished stone is just right.

Thank you for helping us to get to the right decision, without hurrying us, even though some 5 years have passed between our first contacting you and the date the stone was eventually erected at St. Paul’s churchyard.

We are grateful for your understanding of the process we were all going through, for your dedication to agreeing on the right words, font and spacing, and lettering.

Although the result is very simple, your craftsmanship has ensured that it is a perfect and fitting memorial to a wonderful husband and father. The quality of your work is exceptional, and David would have thoroughly approved, as a fellow perfectionist.

Thank you Fergus, David would have approved of the headstone, and of you too.

5/5 stars Anne George, 25 September 2019


On behalf of Caroline and myself thank you to you, Fergus and colleagues for the beautifully crafted headstone. The slate you sourced for us was a perfect choice and the wording so elegantly executed. We had looked for a long time to find the right team to work with but the wait was worth it.

5/5 stars Katherine Gillmore, 5 September 2019

Kathy Pflaum

I'm absolutely thrilled with Rick's headstone. It's been a labour of love. We took a long time to find a stonemason of Fergus's quality and aesthetic and though it's taken us ages to come up with the right design and epitaph it has resulted in a headstone even more beautiful and in tune with who Rick was than I had imagined. The roundel with cross against gold is just perfect - I really wasn't sure if the gold might make it too glitzy. But when I saw it in the churchyard against the Bath stone wall, which has flecks of yellow in it, it just looked as though the headstone emerged from it! Everyone in the family here and in America whom I've sent the photos of it to are so full of praise.
The reason I chose Fergus was for his quality of lettering and the beauty of the designs I saw in the workshop. I was inspired by the examples there to just use Rick's name and the years of his birth and death. It looks so much better than the more conventional and elaborate full name and full dates. It can look like an old phone directory entry! I so appreciated the way we were given as much time as we needed ( a lot!) and Fergus was so good at picking up on exactly what we were seeking via my rather circuitous ideas. It certainly is a case of 'a thing of beauty is a joy forever'.

5/5 stars Kathy Pflaum, 11 June 2019

Christine Petty

In this world of "next-day delivery", it might have been tempting to choose one of the "high street" memorial companies to supply a headstone for my Mum. I'm so glad I didn't. Fergus was totally up-front in our first phone-call about how long it might take, explaining that it would be fitted around his major commissions. I appreciated his honesty, and it has been well worth being patient for. Mum loved her crafts and would undoubtedly marvel at the skill that has gone into producing this work of art by Fergus and his team. It is stunningly beautiful - yet not ostentatious. Fergus invited me to watch him and Tom install the headstone, which was a fascinating process, and nice to feel part of it. I might also add that I was given a firm price before work commenced, with no nasty "hidden extras". With grateful thanks, Christine Petty.

5/5 stars Christine Petty, 24 April 2019

Janie Denham

When the time came for me to choose a Headstone for my beloved father's grave, I knew I wanted something unique, beautifully hand crafted and quintessentially English. My father had always been a great admirer of all the artisans of England and so I endeavoured to find someone who would be able to create a memorial to him which I knew he would love.
From my first visit to the workshop of Stoneletters, I knew immediately that I had found the right place. Not only is it a very comforting place to discuss such matters, but it is full of the most beautiful stonework I have ever seen. Fergus is warm but professional and he immediately understood exactly what I was hoping to achieve.
The day the stone was delivered to the graveyard was very emotional for me, but Fergus is so relaxed that I became relaxed and watching the stone be positioned into its final resting place was peaceful and comforting.
Thank you to you both, Fergus and Hannah for making the final thing I could do for my father be so joyous and uplifting. I could not be more thrilled with the end result; it is perfection.

5/5 stars Janie Denham, 11 March 2019

Trish Thomas

The day that I found Stoneletters website was a very fortunate day for me. I cannot imagine that any other letter carver could have transformed my family's original concept for a headstone into an object of such pure beauty. I am so grateful to Fergus, Hannah, James and Tom for their compassion, dedication and skill in interpreting our conversations with them. My mother would have appreciated its gentleness and elegance. You achieved so much more than we could have hoped for.

5/5 stars The Handley Family, 18 December 2018

Rachel Higginson

The headstone for Mum had been sitting in the ‘too hard to do box’, until we met with Fergus at the Stoneletters studio. Finally, we knew we’d come to the right place! We received support throughout the process, both creatively and practically and the end result is truly magnificent. We can’t say thank you enough.

5/5 stars Rachel Higginson, 12 April 2018

Edward M

The Trustees of the French Hospital (an almshouse charity at La Providence, Rochester) commissioned Fergus to create a special plaque to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of their foundation. He turned a simple concept into something breathtakingly beautiful, which is admired by all who see it. It was a real pleasure working with Fergus on the project (my visit to his workshop was not to be missed), and I cannot recommend him too highly.

5/5 stars Edward Martineau, Secretary to the Trustees


For me, the headstone is a beautiful tribute to my sister and has brought with it a great sense of acceptance and peace. Perhaps this is something to do with the process and the time it took for each stage as well as the physical solidity and fact of the headstone, and then, once done, the knowledge that it is there. It’s a really beautiful lasting tribute, combining words, artistry, skill, thought and feeling – and more I’m sure besides these things.

5/5 stars Serena Jones


We are delighted with the headstone and we are very grateful to you for every aspect of the way in which you have dealt with the process.

5/5 stars Andrew and Philippa Garety


I called by the churchyard yesterday, and then again today with some flowers from the garden, and just wanted to let you know that I/we are very VERY pleased with the headstone. It is absolutely exquisite. Calm, respectful, enduring and outstanding craftsmanship. Thank you so much. I cannot think that it could have been any better in any way.

5/5 stars Private Client

Chris Dobson

I would like so thank you and Fergus for producing a very beautiful headstone for my wife Ann. It brings back happy memories when I visit the Church. Fergus was very particularly helpful with the selection of the type of stone and its design.

He was exceptionally patient while we tried to finalise the wording, which probably took longer than it should have.

I was especially touched by his meeting Ann’s Birthday Deadline. A date that he did not actually commit to.

5/5 stars Chris Dobson

Sam Walker

When our father died we thought long and hard about a suitable gravestone - which also had to be agreed upon by several other family members. Fergus was very patient at dealing with the various thoughts and also very efficient at negotiating with the church authorities to find out what was possible in the parish. Fergus produced a beautiful slate tablet with an elegant and fitting inscription which accommodated everyone’s’ wishes and is a great tribute to a much-loved man.

5/5 stars Sam and Henry Walker

Lisa Nicole

I am really pleased with Mark’s gravestone; it is perfect and just what I wanted. Thank you, it is beautifully engraved.

5/5 stars Lisa Nicole

Camilla Gooden

Stoneletters provides a highly professional and personal service at what is a very sensitive and traumatic time. Designing your young son’s headstone is something we never imagined we’d have to go through. Fergus and his team produced a piece of art that authentically represented our son’s personality and light. We went on to use Stoneletters for my Mother’s headstone and again using the finest materials available and highly skilled topographers the end result is utterly beautiful. Two handsome monuments to two very loved souls who will be forever remembered long after we are gone. Thank you Fergus and Hannah

5/5 stars Camilla Gooden, 17 September 2017


Thanks so much for your work and advice on the stone. I had been so excited to see it yesterday and was worried it would not live up to my expectations but it was better than them. We all really loved it - it looks magnificent and we found the whole process, although long, was very cathartic in working together and being united in coming up with something they would have liked and we all loved.

It really is a thing of beauty - and we all love the “Jo and hearty” on the side. I look forward to it giving me a thrill every time I go down there and see and stroke it.

5/5 stars James Bisset, 19 September 2017

Randolph St

We were delighted with my father’s headstone - beautifully done in line with what we asked for and with a few perfect flourishes, which is just what my father would have loved!

Our preparatory discussions with Fergus were very reassuring, and it was fascinating to visit his studio and see work in progress. And now the finished headstone sits perfectly among other family headstones. We would definitely recommend Stoneletters to anyone who wants stone lettering of a really high standard - thank you Fergus.

5/5 stars Randolph St, 10 March 2017


Following the sudden passing of my beautiful husband, the time came to select a headstone to represent his life. My two young children and I visited all the local memorial makers and felt dissatisfied with the lack of uniqueness and choice; the same brochures of the same stones in each one we visited.

I wanted something special and unique, something that would be beautiful in years to come and that the children could be involved in the process. We wanted the memorial to be uplifting tribute rather than a thing of sadness and sorrow, despite our obvious feelings of grief.

When I found Fergus and Hannah’s website and spoke to Fergus on the phone, I instantly felt reassured and knew then that I had made the right choice. We discussed drawings and ideas and he invited us to visit the workshop. It was obvious to see that each stone was special to Fergus too, a labour of love for the husband/dad we love so much.

The headstone itself, now respectfully and reverently installed, is totally beautiful and exactly what I had pictured. I know that it will help my children to see just how special and unique their daddy was and, due to their involvement in the process, that they made something beautiful for him. Fergus helped me to reflect on the choice of the words at one point, which he did in a kind and gentle way, but as a result, the words we have chosen now, are perfect and will stand the test of time as an uplifting tribute to my husband’s much loved, yet too short, life.

I am so very grateful that I found Hannah and Fergus and I encourage others to seek their help, if you are in a similar position and have lost a loved one.

Anyone can buy a headstone but these stones are made with love for the ones we love.

5/5 stars Anna Deen


Our sincere thanks and appreciation for the beautiful work accomplished in our parents’ headstone. It looks absolutely right in the churchyard in Bury and your advice of simplicity being key was sound advice indeed!

We would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

5/5 stars Joanna Richardson


We visited the grave on Saturday and I am very pleased with the headstone, it captures perfectly the feel and serenity I was seeking. Thank you for your patience and craftsmanship, my father would have appreciated it.

5/5 stars Tony Clements


We were delighted with my late husband’s headstone. It is exactly as we wanted it,simple and elegant with fine lettering. Fergus listened and delivered the result we were trying to achieve and looks just right in the Churchyard in a conservation area.

5/5 stars Gill Lowe


I lost my husband eight years ago.He was a very creative man and I wanted a headstone that was simple but beautifully designed and cut.I found Fergus Wessel via the Internet. I was invited to his workshop in the Cotswolds to see his examples of carving. At this time, I felt very vulnerable, very alone and anxious. As soon as I met Fergus I relaxed, a quiet gentle young man, however as we talked, his passion and dedication for his stone carving became evident. I was never under any pressure,advice came gently.

His workshop was a revelation,and I was able to take my time,and I was immediately aware of the great quality of his work and his wide range of approaches, choice of material and use of lettering.
Every time I visit my husband’s grave,I feel happy,-happy memories of getting him a headstone I love, and he would have loved, and happy memories of the whole experience, that took part at the lowest time in my life.

5/5 stars Jill Archer. artist/designer


Thank you so very much for the headstone. It really is a work of art and looks splendid! It is so good to know that the headstone and the lettering will be of lasting quality, something that one doesn’t get with machine cut work. The craftsmanship and the care with which the work is done are worth paying that bit extra for. Fergus took great care to ensure the type of stone and the lettering were just what we wanted.

My parents, to whom it is dedicated,would be proud! I really enjoyed meeting you both as well. Will definitely recommend you.

5/5 stars Holly Holman


Thank you so much for the stunning stone and the lovely craftsmanship. We are all so pleased with the stone and I am so delighted we found you, it made a dreaded job really special, you are also the nicest person and so easy to get on with.

5/5 stars Carolyn Raybould


Thank you so much for your work on my mother’s headstone, I am really very pleased with it. I have taken some photos and sent them to family abroad, who all agree that it is very beautiful and fitting! My brother and sister have also said that it is a lovely piece of work and a fitting tribute to our mother.

5/5 stars Linda Covill


The Commandant wanted me to thank you again for providing the plaque for the opening of The Prince Philip Barracks. The unveiling was a definitely a success!

Many thanks for all of your work; it has been a pleasure.

5/5 stars Lt James Aubrey

John Davies

I wanted something special for my late wife Shelley and after having no success with local stonemasons got in touch with Fergus. All I can say is that I am glad that I did. I can’t thank him enough for the work he has done and the stylish simplicity of the design is exactly what I wanted and so fitting for Shelley.

Fergus was really informative and helpful through the process and he and James worked in quite atrocious weather to get the headstone installed in time for Shelley’s birthday which meant a lot to me. Many thanks.

5/5 stars John Davies

Carol O’Brien

It was throughout a real joy working with Fergus. From initial discussions in the workshop – choosing the stone, deciding on the lettering – to the final installation in the churchyard, everything was a delight. And the finished headstone is perfect – wonderfully elegant lettering on beautiful green slate. Thank you – what might have been a sad business turned into a pleasure (and a great learning experience too)!

5/5 stars Carol O'Brien

trevor jackson

Fergus has been undertaking work in our cemeteries for many years. We are always very impressed with the quality of his work and I have never had any cause for concern. In fact I was recently at a National Trust stately home and, whilst wandering around the gardens, came across a magnificent sun dial that he had created. So his work is not restricted to just memorials and he is highly thought of.

5/5 stars Trevor Jackson, Cemeteries Manager, Oxford City Council


Stoneletters in May 2015 completed a large headstone for Guy & Lettie Benson in Stanway Churchyard, with Cumberland slate inset into Cotswold (Guiting) Stone, beautiful lettering and a carved scallop. The work was very well done.

5/5 stars The Earl of Wemyss & March Stanway Estate


Fergus Wessel has a very professional approach to his work. The planning and research is well considered, his work is carefully set out on site to allow for minor alterations and approval prior to cutting the stone. The stone cutting is done with style to leave an image which will last for centuries.

5/5 stars Roger Quarmby, Arthington Park


We were all very excited to see the headstone on Saturday and we certainly weren’t disappointed. There is stood in its elegant simplicity- absolutely perfect. How wonderful for you, to know that your art will be there for centuries to come and for many generations to appreciate. Thank you so much, from all the family.

5/5 stars Moira Matchett

Hilary Davies

Fergus’ work was recommended to me by a close friend whose son’s headstone he had done. I was very impressed with the quality of Fergus’ work, which is in the Arts and Crafts tradition, and by his sensitivity in fulfilling the wishes of my family for my late husband’s stone. Fergus explained the characteristics of different materials and what would work, with great care. My four stepchildren and I all think the stone is ‘perfect’. Thank you.

5/5 stars Hilary Davies

Naomi Foxcroft

Having visited several monumental masons, I was so relieved to find Stoneletters. Fergus’s unique and unhurried approach to making a gravestone resulted not only in the most beautiful, hand crafted memorial, but also provided great comfort during a very stressful time. Thank you.

5/5 stars Anna Banks, London


Please accept our sincere thanks for the excellent service that we have received from you. The whole family is very impressed by the outstanding quality of the headstone that you have created for Brenda.

It was a great pleasure to liase with you over the commission- from the initial contact at your workshop, through the discussions at the design stage and on to the erection of the stone.

You have achieved exactly what we had hoped for. Many thanks.

5/5 stars The Higton family


We commissioned Fergus Wessel and his team to design and make a headstone for our parents’ grave in West London. From first contact to the last Fergus was a pleasure to work with. He listened carefully to what we wanted, made thoughtful suggestions about the choice of stone, wording and lettering, and dealt with the cemetery over permits and installation. His quote for the work was explained clearly and he kept to the price.

Nothing in the relationship was rushed, everything was considered, and the experience was in complete contrast to the ‘pile them high, sell them cheap’ approach of high-volume stonemasons. Fergus’s colleague, James, was just as friendly, careful and considerate when installing the headstone; we recommend anyone to visit the Stone Workshop and satisfy themselves of the quality of the work and the people who carry it out.

5/5 stars Matthew, Toby and Caroline Cummings


I cannot speak highly enough of Fergus’s craftsmanship and professionalism over the ten years or so he has worked with us. His high quality work can be seen in various prominent positions around the School and he always takes great pains to ensure that what he produces is appropriate in the context. We look forward to calling on his services again in the future.

5/5 stars Andrew Turner, Second Master, Charterhouse

Rodney Bisiker

​Extremely pleased with the design and execution of Stella’s memorial slate. A piece of art, beautifully executed by a true crafstman.

5/5 stars Rodney Bisiker and family

Loyd Grossman

Fergus carves with power and elegance. His work is forward looking but firmly rooted in traditional practice.

5/5 stars Loyd Grossman, OBE, FSA

Paul Johnson

Right from our first conversation I knew Fergus was the right person for our headstone. Always a pleasure to deal with he is a rare find - expert craftsmanship, imaginative design & an exceptional chap to deal with. I am thrilled with the work he did for us; it captures our thoughts and intentions beautifully, with taste, dignity and a touch of modernity.

It’s exactly right. Thanks.

5/5 stars Paul Johnson, London

David Thomas Review

I approached Fergus to commission a headstone for my parents, as I was looking for something different that would encapsulate the way I felt about them. Fergus was brilliant in being able to help and advise me through the design process and the stone that he produced was beautiful. I feel lucky that I found him and without sounding too grandiose, that I have a unique piece of art that commemorates my parents.

5/5 stars David Thomas, Northampton

John Melvin Review

I know of no building from the prestigious Oxford College to the modest cottage that could not be improved by the addition of Fergus Wessel’s skill, attention and sensibility. He is in the great tradition of English stone cutters, stretching back to Eric Gill.

As an architect, I have been privileged to have his contribution to a number of my buildings, and I regard him as one of the finest stone cutters in the country.

5/5 stars John Melvin, Architect and Town Planner

Susan Banerji Review

The headstone that Fergus and his assistant James crafted for our 24 yr. old son exceeded our expectations.

We are pleased that although it is contemporary in design it fits beautifully into the setting of an old English churchyard. Several villagers have commented on the headstone, in particular the originality of the design and the beautiful calligraphy has drawn compliments.

It is a wonderful memorial to our young man, someone who liked to stand out from the crowd.

5/5 stars Susan Banerji

Private client

Thank you so much for getting the headstone ready and in place in time for Christmas, it means a lot to us all.

We are very happy with how it looks.

Seeing our original ideas brought to fruition was wonderful and you made it happen. With such an important decision your craftsmanship, creativity and compassion is truly appreciated and we are so grateful.

What a beautiful job you have done.

5/5 stars Private client, Park Town

Christine Spyer

Fergus has designed two headstones for my family. I am so pleased with them.

From the initial meeting to design ideas and completion everything was done with consideration and kindness.

Every time I see the stones which stand in an ancient churchyard with many other slate stones I am always pleased with them. I know the people who lie beneath would be pleased with their stones too.

They are very personal and have symbols relating to their lives.

5/5 stars Mrs Christine Spyer, London

Maggie Parkinson

Fergus Wessel is a master of his craft.

His consultation with us was sensitive and kind. We worked on the look, the lettering and the wording together. This was a difficult time for us and he was kind and thoughtful at each stage. And the end result is quite beautiful.

5/5 stars Maggie Parkinson, Oxfordshire

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