This portfolio of unique headstones will hopefully inspire you and includes several examples of headstone materials and designs. These custom headstones are entirely handmade, and therefore the design possibilities are endless. My headstones are made from British stones and include slate headstones, Portland headstones and Green slate headstones. I never used polished stone such as marble and granite, which are often chosen by monumental masons. The headstones are all individually commissioned so there is no catalogue, but having a look at the extensive gallery of headstones can provide inspiration and help with choosing stones and lettering styles. Most headstones are fixed straight into the ground, known as a monolith fixing, which I think looks most elegant. All lettering is v-cut by hand, and may be painted with a light natural looking wash to enhance the visibility of the lettering. Further examples can be seen in my workshop, where headstones are always in progress.

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