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6 May 2014

Garden Wall Plaque

Lettering in Hopton Wood stone; a garden wall plaque with musings of the great Ivor Cutler.

What better way to use my last piece of Hopton Wood stone than with the musings of the great Ivor Cutler. This garden wall plaque was carved by my brilliant assistant James Sheppard who has been with me for four years now. This lettering is my version of Caslon adapted for stone. If you use a typeface which is designed for paper on stone it won’t read very well as when the thins make an impression paper the ink spreads very slightly; to compensate for this in stone the thins need to be slightly thicker. On stone you also do not get the strong contrast between black and white. Caslon has lovely ornamental ligatures; the photograph below shows one between the C and T.

garden wall plaque

garden wall plaque

Fergus W
Written by

Fergus Wessel

Designer and letter-carver

Fergus created Stoneletters Studio in 2003, after training at the Kindersley Workshop. He is a member of the prestigious Master Carver's Association.