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Headstones Ideas | 10 Stunning Designs for Graves

Our stunning headstones for graves are all individually hand-carved. Here are 10 recent examples of our beautiful memorials.

We specialise in unique, bespoke headstones for graves. We have been making headstones by hand for over fifteen years, and every headstone is individually commissioned. We have recently been awarded "best maker of hand-carved memorials" in the UK at the Good Funeral Awards.

Headstones for graves in workshop

Here are ten of our recent headstones for graves; I hope they inspire and encourage you to seek something unique instead of choosing a headstone from a monumental mason.

All of our headstones for graves are hand-designed and carved so that you know that the headstone you commission will be one of a kind.

1. Headstone idea for grave in slate with cross

The appeal of Cumbrian green slate lies in the veined and moving texture. It makes it so real and alive. If you begin with a really nice piece of material, you’re halfway there.

Slate headstone for grave bespoke

2. Headstone idea for grave in slate with a carving of oak leaves

The shape the inscription makes is important. You want the longest lines somewhere in the middle. It’ll be more pleasing to the eye from a distance.

Headstone for graves in slate

3. Smooth pebble headstone idea for grave with a simple epitaph

The words "bearing much fruit" are a nod to the legacy that the young person who died has left - his parents have set up a charity in his name called the Spargo-Mabbs foundation to raise awareness of the dangers of drug-taking in young people.

Slate headstone for grave with carving

4. Headstone idea for grave with a carving of an Agapanthus flower

This bold design reflected the person's love of the Agapanthus plant, which in itself is bold.

Bespoke headstone
Bespoke slate headstone

5. Headstone idea for grave with gilded and painted snowdrop

Sometimes a very simple design lends itself to a simple and stylised carving at the top, here of some snowdrops, echoing the blossom in the photo.

Bespoke headstone for grave

6. Nabresina headstone idea for grave with a flower carving in sunken relief

This fine headstone features a lovely simple carving in sunken relief, which picks up the sun's shadows. The lettering is painted a natural off-white.

Portland headstone for grave with flower

7. Slate headstone idea for grave with carving of wheat

This headstone is tall, proud and handsome. The shape of the headstone should in some way reflect the shape of the inscription.

Bespoke headstone for grave

8. Headstone idea for grave in Aurisina limestone with organic lettering

A formal letterform set out in an informal manner as if drawn freely on paper.

Aurisina headstone for grave
Headstone in aurisina limestone

9. Slate headstone idea for grave with beautiful lettering in a circle

There is something about a circle of lettering that makes one want to read it. Furthermore, a circle of text looks lovely from a distance.

Slate headstone bespoke

10. Portland headstone idea with simple carving and epitaph

If one is to enter a churchyard from the west, it is normal to be faced to face with the backs of the headstones, and so if one of them has something on the back, it makes it even more special.

Tree carved on headstone

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Fergus W
Written by

Fergus Wessel

Designer and letter-carver

Fergus created Stoneletters Studio in 2003, after training at the Kindersley Workshop. He is a member of the prestigious Master Carver's Association.