Heraldic Stone Carving Time-Lapse Video

Posted 04/11/14 in Workshop life

This is a time lapse video of a section of high relief heraldic carving in Portland limestone.  The carving is of an acanthus leaf, and forms part a large carving which sits above the Holywell Music Room in Oxford, one of the oldest purposely designed music rooms in Europe.  The acanthus leaves flow outward from a large scallop shell in the centre.

The stone carving relief is at a depth of around 75 mm and as the carving was to be viewed from the ground, it was important to accentuate the relief as much as possible.  This was achieved by undercutting the leaves in the final stages.  It was essential to do the undercutting only after the leaves were completely finished, as once undercut they become very fragile!

The undercutting helps to create an impression of the leaves floating away from the stone.  

heraldic carving

Holywell Music Room carving

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