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Help with Choosing a Meaningful Headstone

Posted 07/06/17

choosing words for a headstone

The task of commissioning a headstone can be a painful process as it can be perceived as a final act of saying goodbye. This can bring up many emotions and perhaps a reluctance to face them. If you find yourself in such a place, perhaps the process outlined below can help you.

Monumental Grief

Posted 10/03/17 in The Headstone Guide

what should i put on a headstone

Are you struggling to find the right wording for your loved one's headstone? You should not have to do this alone. Kerry Ingham, a bereavement counsellor offers some direction and support.

Gravestone Symbols and Carvings- Meaning and Inspiration

Posted 06/01/15 in The Headstone Guide

headstone symbol of tree

Lettering is only a small part of a gravestone design. Almost all of my headstones incorporate a small carving of a symbol or motif. Choosing a symbol is often difficult and may be inspired by something your loved one was passionate about or simply an image from nature. Here are some symbols from my headstones which I hope will inspire you.

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