Our work: Children's memorials

Children's headstones are the most challenging part of our work. Every parent is unique in their needs, and our aim is to work closely with you to achieve the very best memorial for your child. Our approach is gentle and unhurried.

Unique, hand-carved children's headstones

Our headstones for children and babies are all individually commissioned by you. We do not have any rules or restrictions on the design or choice of stone, and this allows us to create a memorial for your child that captures their unique spirit. This is our ultimate aim.

Offering Advice

Giving advice to parents is difficult as each family has unique needs. However, there are some general considerations when commissioning a headstone for a child and Fergus can make suggestions and offer his help with the wording. Many parents who have lost a child approach us at a very early stage. This has benefits; for example, it gives us time to consider all the options. The initial meeting is fundamental as not only does it give you time to meet Fergus and see the work, it is an ideal opportunity for us to offer advice.


Sometimes a visit to the workshop is the best place to begin, even before any thoughts have been established. It is best to come to the workshop with an open mind and look and talk about the other works progressing in the workshop. This will give Fergus clues to what you like.

Taking your time

If you have an idea you would like to try out or discuss, we will endeavour to make it work. Do however take your time. It's important we work together without being pressed for time. The stone will be in position for a very long time, and the commissioning process will induce clarity.

Words of Comfort

We have found over the years that often the process of commissioning a headstone for a child can have a positive effect. What begins as a very upsetting thing to have to do, can result in a beautiful headstone to celebrate the beauty and individuality of your child.


Here are a few guidelines on choosing a headstone for a child:


The headstone that Fergus and his assistant James crafted for our 24 yr. old son exceeded our expectations.

We are pleased that although it is contemporary in design it fits beautifully into the setting of an old English churchyard. Several villagers have commented on the headstone, in particular the originality of the design and the beautiful calligraphy has drawn compliments.

It is a wonderful memorial to our young man, someone who liked to stand out from the crowd.