Our work: Heraldry

Here are some of our heraldic carvings for schools, colleges and interesting people. We pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of heraldic carving principles.

Heraldic Carving

The cutting of letters is closely linked with that of relief carving; the masonry techniques and disciplines are the same. There are two sorts of relief work; raised, where the background is cut away leaving the stone standing proud; and sunken, where the carving is below the surface of the stone. An inscription is often greatly enhanced by the addition of a coat of arms, a cross, or even something a little more personal.

Heraldic carving has a discipline that links it closely with lettering; they both have rules, but the rules are there to be broken providing one is aware of them! For example, a unicorn always has a lion's tail, in the same way, an E will have three crossbars; but where one places the lion's tail and crossbars is up to the designer. Click here to see a time lapse video of heraldic carving..


Fergus carves with power and elegance. His work is forward looking but firmly rooted in traditional practice.