Our work: Opening plaques

Our fine opening plaques have been unveiled for many Royal openings, and can be found in schools and colleges throughout the UK. Most importantly, we always deliver on time.

Trust and confidence in our work

Many of the opening plaques in our portfolio have been commissioned for well known schools and colleges such as Charterhouse and Wadham College, Oxford. Repeat clients have commissioned several official opening plaques over the years, reflecting their continuing trust and our close working relationship. Read our testimonials

The opening of a new building is a grand and celebratory moment. Inscriptions are usually fixed indoors, using gilded or painted lettering and are often decorated with a crest or full coat of arms. An opening plaque is usually designed to work aesthetically with the design of the building.

Choosing the wording and material

We are often asked for help with choosing the wording and material. It is crucial to get these right and if you have an idea for the wording and bring it to us, we can help make small adjustments to make the inscription work. The material chosen depends on many things such as the location of the plaque, whether it will be inside or outside, the size of the inscription and the lighting. For Royal opening plaques there is often less opportunity to alter the inscription, and in these cases it is crucial to make sure the size of the plaque and the material are chosen with the inscription in mind. Read more on choosing the wording and material.


I cannot speak highly enough of Fergus’s craftsmanship and professionalism over the ten years or so he has worked with us. His high quality work can be seen in various prominent positions around the School and he always takes great pains to ensure that what he produces is appropriate in the context. We look forward to calling on his services again in the future.