Our work: Architectural

This selection of architectural work includes inscriptions for the Royal Albert Hall, St Paul's Cathedral, and Buscot Park.

Public Works

This is a small selection of Public Works we have recently undertaken. They include a Memorial in St Paul's Cathedral, a sundial obelisk at Buscot Park, an inscription in the South Steps of the Royal Albert Hall, and a large carving above the entrance to the Holywell Music Room in Oxford. We have a good working relationship with eminent architects and designers such as Sir Mark Lennox Boyd, who designed the sundial obelisk and John Melvin with whom we worked on the Holywell Music Room. The renovation of the Holywell Music Room won a prestigious Oxford Preservation Trust Award.

Architectural lettering

Large scale inscriptions in stone are almost always cut in situ, whether high up on scaffolding or standing on a pavement. Each letter is carefully drawn and cut, using little more than a pencil, mallet and chisel. This expertise can be applied to any project, including street signs, office logos, shop signs and names of buildings.


I know of no building from the prestigious Oxford College to the modest cottage that could not be improved by the addition of Fergus Wessel’s skill, attention and sensibility. He is in the great tradition of English stone cutters, stretching back to Eric Gill.

As an architect, I have been privileged to have his contribution to a number of my buildings, and I regard him as one of the finest stone cutters in the country.