Our work: Headstones

Please be inspired by these unique, hand carved headstones. All of our headstones are entirely hand made, therefore anything is possible.

Hand-carved headstones

When one speaks of a hand carved headstone, it is important to remember that the carving process is only a stage in the making process. The headstones are designed by hand, masoned by hand, drawn out by hand and cut by hand. In fact the only item of machinery in the workshop is a dusty old radio.

Why by hand? Because it is slow and precise. The stages are worked with great care. We have yet to be introduced to a machine capable not only of the great precision required, but possessing the ability to slightly distort a letter to improve the letter spacing. Hand carved lettering will always have life, energy and versatility. The quiet mallet and chisel are infinitely more precise than machinery and letter spacing and letterforms are judged by eye, not by computers or rulers. A letter cutter is both a craftsman and an artist; each piece of work produced in the workshop must be flawless, beautiful and unique.

Finally why do it by machine when drawing and carving by hand are such pleasurable activities? read more on hand carved headstones


We have no catalogue with which clients choose a set or specific design. Almost anything is achievable. Size, materials and letterforms are not limiting factors except when it comes to abiding with cemetery regulations. For more articles containing advice and inspiration on choosing a headstone please visit our headstone guide.


We work closely with you to understand your wishes and involve you at all stages of the work. read about commissioning

Headstone materials and the environment

We are concerned with the appearance and protection of British churchyards and strive to produce headstones that are sympathetic to their surroundings, using British material where possible. read more on materials

Bespoke & Unique Headstones

In the truest sense, our headstones are bespoke and unique; no two headstones are the same, and indeed this is what we enjoy about the work. Each commission is a new start, a new chance to produce something fine and unique. read more on headstone design

Traditional headstones

Many of our headstones are very traditional and sit very well in our British Churchyards. At the same time some of our more contemporary headstones are still made in the traditional manner under direct influence of masters such as Eric Gill and Richard Kinderlsey.

Choosing the wording

I have compiled a list of epitaphs and helpful articles to help you choose the right words.


We were delighted with my father’s headstone - beautifully done in line with what we asked for and with a few perfect flourishes, which is just what my father would have loved!

Our preparatory discussions with Fergus were very reassuring, and it was fascinating to visit his studio and see work in progress. And now the finished headstone sits perfectly among other family headstones. We would definitely recommend Stoneletters to anyone who wants stone lettering of a really high standard - thank you Fergus.

5 out of 5 stars